Turn,Twist, Tumble to beats of fitness

Zumba out stress, Zumba in health

Melts away fat

Zumba was formed in the 1990s in Cali, Colombia by a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor Alberto “Beto” Pérez.The most entertaining way to exercise, and we have three versions of Zumba to make it even more enjoyable: Strong Zumba, Normal Zumba, and Bollywood Zumba. What could be more enjoyable than burning calories while listening to your favourite music?


Benefits of Zumba

  • It’s entertaining. The more enjoyable your fitness programme, the more probable it is that you will remain with it. Many people claim that they have so much fun dancing that they forget they are working out.
  • Ideal for weight reduction. Zumba is a strong exercise that burns 600 to 1,000 calories in an hour. Zumba works on several different muscle groups at the same time, resulting in entire body training.
  • Acts as a de-stressing agent. Turning your attention away from the daily grind and toward dancing is a fantastic method to reduce tension.
  • Maintains the health of your heart. You gain not both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.