Reconstruct mind, body, spirit.

Balance power and peace

Melts away fat

Our yoga classes will be your perfect companion if you need a break from our hectic routine. Our three styles of yoga—Normal Yoga, Meditation Yoga, and Power Yoga—all serve the same purpose. Train your mind and body in a new way. Normal Yoga is the basic yoga session we all come across. Meditation Yoga includes more traditional asanas and is less intense. Power Yoga is a high-impact yoga posture-based on cardio workouts and is more intense compared to normal and meditation yoga.   Benefits of Yoga
  • Yoga includes slow motions and deep breathing to promote blood flow and warm up muscles while maintaining a position that can build strength.
  • Yoga can help you get rid of back discomfort and aid with arthritic symptoms.
  • Calms your mind, allowing you to sleep better.
  • Yoga can provide you with increased energy and a better attitude.