Easo on your fitness

Slowly and steady low impact exercise routine

Melts away fat

Aims at improving body strength with a focus on core strength. This contributes to overall fitness and well-being. Similar to yoga it corrects posture, balance and makes the body flexible.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Pilates techniques are intended to enable you to enhance the length and stretchability of your muscles safely.
  • Many Pilates exercises need you to develop your core (your back, abdomen, and pelvic floor). Will indeed this make you seem thin, but having a strong core helps the rest of your body to relax.
  • Pilates, like any other form of exercise, will boost your energy levels by getting your breath and circulation circulating. Pilates can also strengthen our physical-psychological connection.
  • Pilates focuses on body balance and back muscles which eventually corrects posture.