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Our fitness culture and community principles are well-known.


On our fame list, we have Kartik Aryan, one of Bollywood's top actors. It was a privilege to witness him walk into our fitness studio and motivate the community.

Rewards and Recognition

“Loose calories, Earn rewards” We do not let your fitness achievements go unnoticed. Each member receives a reward upon attaining a certain fitness target.

Join and celebrate with us

Our goal is not just to improve physical fitness, but also to create our community friendships. We celebrate every festival and occasion as a group, and we also organise short trips to keep us connected and open towards each other.

We have occasional outdoor exercises that all of our members can enjoy.

Working indoors might become repetitive after a while. A fresh start among nature is a fantastic way to engage with community members while also working out.This keeps our members stay active and fun.