Get into the flow of fitness

Get in shape with zero equipment

Melts away fat

This is a series of physical postures coupled together in a rhythmic pattern. Appears very similar to yoga asanas, but the motions are more fundamental and athletic. It is a very relaxing and productive kind of exercise. Gymnastics and yoga benefits put together. The exercises can be conducted without any equipment on a mat.

Benefits of Animal Flow

  • Reduce the possibility of injury. It might help you avoid injuries by working out the muscles and joints before an exercise.
  • Empower you in doing activities that need flexibility with relative ease. Animal flow can help you complete exercises demanding flexibility more readily and increase your workout quality
  • The motions of the animal flow help to increase power and regulate breathing. It eventually allows you to work out for longer periods without tiring.
  • Help you in a deeper understanding of your body and regulate your motions It makes sure that you get the most out of the activities you participate in regularly.